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15 Mar 2020
Washington, DC
The Debate Watch Party Toolkit

Hosting a debate watch party is an opportunity for you to connect the issues we are fighting for to the presidential election and to hear from candidates about how they will -- or will not -- fight alongside us to make our vision of a just society a reality.

Use this toolkit as a guide for planning and hosting your own debate watch party. Inside we walk you through how to:

  • Plan your party
  • Invite guests and promote your event
  • Amplify your voice using social media
  • Make your party fun and engaging


Mar 15

Eleventh Democratic Debate

This debate will be held March 15. The exact location is now in Washington, DC.



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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to being broadcast on TV, the debates will also be live-streamed online, so wherever you have access to a TV or a large screen connected to the internet will work: your home, a local restaurant or bar, your local union office, or a community center, for example. When you schedule your event, be sure to leave time before the debate begins to allow guests to arrive, meet one another and relax. Also, leave time after the debate ends so folks can share their thoughts and reactions.

Consider inviting co-workers, friends, family, and neighbors to your party. You can use fliers, email, social media, and text to encourage people to come -- see our sample invite language in this toolkit. If you want, you can also use free online tools like Facebook Events, Paperless Post, or Evite to invite guests and track RSVPs.

Gather your co-workers, friends, and family together and have fun while connecting the issues we care about to the presidential election. Use your event to not just watch the debate, but share why this election matters to you and invite others to reflect on what they want to see the candidates saying and doing to fight for the issues that matter most to them. You can also share info about the Unions for All agenda. Your event is also a time to amplify you and your guests’ voices, so use social media before, after and especially during the debates to share your thoughts and reactions - and be sure to include @SEIU and the hashtag #UnionsForAll! We’ve created a sample agenda and sample social media posts to inspire you to make your debate watch party not just fun, but impactful.

Absolutely! And to help get your party started, our SEIU and Fight for $15 community has you covered with online Debate Watch Bingo Cards to make watching fun and engaging.

We’re glad you asked! We’d love to know how your event went and how we can help you make your next event even better. Please fill out this quick online form to let us know how it went. Plus, we’ll send cool swag after you report back!