Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer is a billionaire former hedge fund manager and a partner at a private equity firm. He also founded the nonprofit NextGen America.

Unions and Workers

Believes everyone has the right to a living wage, but has not said whether or not he supports a $15 federal minimum wage.

Supports strong unions and “fighting for worker’s rights.”


Supports universal health coverage through preserving private insurance and adding a public option.


Supports protecting DREAMers and a path to citizenship for immigrants working in the United States. Spoke out to end separation of children from their families at the border.

Climate Change

Supports the Green New Deal because it helps “move the ball forward.”

Founded NextGen America, a nonprofit group dedicated to stopping climate change, fighting for cleaner air and water, and supporting clean energy.

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Steyer Supports Living Wage, Free Public Education, Voting Rights

Prior to officially launching his presidential campaign, Tom Steyer visited early primary and caucus states promoting his “5 Rights” campaign, a platform based on equal voting rights, the right to clean air and water, free public education, a living wage, and universal health care. Despite his support for a living wage, Steyer has yet to say whether he supports raising the wage to $15 per hour.

Steyer Supports a Public Option to Achieve Universal Coverage, Opposes Medicare for All

In an interview with WBUR, Steyer says, “I am in favor of health care as a right for every American. I'm in favor of a public option. I'm not in favor of saying to 150 million Americans who get their health care through their employer, 'That's now illegal. You will have to do it our way.'”

Steyer Explains His Belief the Employer-Based Health Coverage Works

Steyer noted that 150 million Americans currently have “employment-based” plans, adding, “They should be allowed to make that choice. We should not make it illegal for them to have that healthcare.”

Steyer Supports Universal Healthcare with Private Insurance and Public Option

While announcing his campaign, Steyer touted his proposal for universal healthcare, which would preserve private health insurance while offering public options.

Steyer, Long-Time Advocate for Addressing Climate Change, Praises Green New Deal

In an interview with The Hill TV, Tom Steyer noted the important role the Green New Deal was playing in pushing the U.S. toward better policies to address climate change.

Standing up for DREAMers, Steyer Criticizes Congress for Reopening the Government without Deal on DACA

Steyer announced that he wouldn’t give money to the Democratic party in 2018 after they agreed to reopen the government without a deal to extend DACA the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children to remain in the United States.