Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator

Elizabeth Warren is serving her second term as Senator from Massachusetts. Previously, she proposed and helped establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Obama, and she was a law professor at Harvard University.

Unions and Workers

Warren's plan for working people would allow workers to join together industry-wide to negotiate wages and benefits, allow state and local governments to find new ways to give workers power, and put our taxpayer dollars to work to support more good union jobs. She would also put unions at the center of all big policy programs in her child care and climate response proposals.

She supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and introduced a universal child care bill that includes living wages, is designed to make it easier for child care workers to organize and join unions, and allows for a process to negotiate wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions across programs. Supports legislation like Worker’s Freedom to Negotiate Act that would make it easier for working people to form unions.

Attended the National Forum on Wages and Working People on April 27.

Joined protesting airport workers in Boston in January.


Supports universal health coverage and has co-sponsored Medicare for All, which would create a single-payer health care system.


Supports comprehensive immigration reform that protects our borders, creates a permanent solution that provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including DREAMers, and people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and protects families. She has called for an end to private immigration prisons and for investment in troubled countries to make it more feasible for people to stay at home.

Climate Change

Has said she will sign an executive order on her first day in office to place a “total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases including drilling offshore and on public lands.” Supports the Green New Deal.

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Warren Releases Plan to Support Low-Income Asian American Communities

Warren unveiled a plan to help low-income Asian Americans by investing in data collection to understand the diverse needs of specific ethnicities and implement policies to support the well-being of AAPI families.

Warren and Sanders Criticize Amazon for Dismal Worker Safety Record, “Profit-at-All-Costs” Culture

Warren, Sanders and 13 other Senators sent a public letter to Jeff Bezon, CEO of Amazon, urging him to make changes to address the company’s terrible record on workers’ health and safety.

Warren Releases Plan to Prevent and Contain Infectious Diseases

Warren’s plan would address the coronavirus by investing in public health agencies, hospitals, healthcare providers, and the global vaccine alliance.

Warren Pushes Major Banks to Describe Risks of Climate Change on Financial Industry

Warren asked the largest banks to reveal their assessments of and preparations to deal with the effects of climate change.

Warren Releases Plan to Support People with Disabilities

Warren unveiled a plan to support people with disabilities by strengthening Social Security benefits, improving employment opportunities, and increasing investment in education.

Warren Releases Plan to Combat Global Financial Corruption

Warren unveiled a plan to hold corporations accountable for paying their fair share in taxes and to prevent companies from masking efforts to support terrorism and drug trafficking.

Warren’s “Blue New Deal” Plan Promises to Revitalize Coastal Economies

Warren proposed a “Blue New Deal” plan to prepare coastal communities for the worst effects of climate change, tap wind as a growing energy source, and spur more sustainable seafood markets.

Warren Prepares Legislation Allowing Gig Workers to Unionize and Banning “Mega Mergers”

Warren plans to introduce a bill that would ban mergers between the largest companies and allow workers in the gig economy the ability to form unions.

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